Mineral Resources:

The Geological Survey of India (GSI) had initiated a systematic survey in the three districts of Manipur viz. Ukhrul, Churachandpur and Chandel and discovered sizable quantities of valuable mineral deposits like limestone, copper, lignite, nickel, chromite, asbestos, salt etc. Some of the essential mineral resources are given below-

Limestone: Limestone is mostly available in different parts of Ukhrul District namely places like Hundung, Mata, Khangoi, Sokpao, Lambui and Kasom. It is also can be found between 32/4 and 32/6 milestone on Imphal Moreh Road in Chandel District. Ukhrul District possesses an estimated deposit of limestone of 6.35 million tones followed by Phungyar and Meiring both possesses 5.76 million tonnes respectively.

Asbestos: Although veins and veinlets of antigorite and chrysotile asbestos have been found in the massive serpentine bearing rocks near Moreh, Nepali Basti and Kwatha but these findings fail to contribute to the economy. Ukhrul District besides also possesses A small quantity of asbestos.

Chromite: Researchers have located deposits of chromite containing metallurgical grade near the Shiroi hill of the Ukhrul District and hinted that there might be possibility of large deposits in future. Furthermore, amount of chromite is available near the Nepali Basti of Chandel District covering an area of about 90 sq. km. and having maximum thickness of 0.3 metre.

Copper: The Geological Survey of India (GSI) has discovered copper in the Chandel District and Nickel containing copper sulphate, chalcopyrite, chalcocite and metals at Nungau and kongal Thana. A drop in the bucket of copper is also available at Ningthi & Kwatha of the Chandel District and Humie of the Ukhrul District.

Nickel: Nickel associated with the serpentinite rock had been discovered at Nampesh and Kwatha areas of the Chandel District. The Geological Survey of India in their geochemical and other methods had spotted metallic nickel dispersed in the soil in fairy high concentration of nickel varying upto 0.9 percent. Soil samples in the Moreh area containing weathered serpentinite rock display the availability of nickel varying from 0.24 to 0.9 percent.


The sericulture industry in Manipur was confined within a few villages. Sericulture practices like Mulberry silk worm rearing and reeling was enclosed to four villages namely Khurkhul,Leimaram, Pheiyeng and Thongjao etc. Accordingly, Eri silk rearing was conducted for domestic consumption by the womenfolk. Silk weaving industry just the same was confined to another four village’s specifically Chingmeirong Kabo Leikai, Thangmeiband, Awang Kongpal and Maibam Leikai only.

Production of Raw Silk in Manipur (in kgs)

Year Mulberry Eri Tasar
2011-12 84000 24000 2452 501.25 110953.25
2012-13 115000 300000 2800 641.5 418441.50
2013-14 128900 352750 4100 800 486550.00
2014-15 145250 361310 4170 860 511590.00
143610 369790 4180 1020 518600.00

Source: Statistical Handbook of Manipur 2017

Forest Resources:

The forest area of Manipur is 17,418 km2constituting 78% % of the geographical area of the state. According to forest survey reserved forests and protected forests covered 1,467 sq.kms. and 4,171 sq.kms. during 2012-13.The remaining 11,780 sq.kms. is regarded as ‘Unclassed forest’. Timber, firewoods, bamboos are the dominant forest products of the state.

Area under Forests
(Area in sq. kms.)

Year Reserved Forests Protected Forests Unclassed Forests Other Forests Forest not Under
the Control of
Forest Deptt.
2007-08 1,467
4171 11780
2008-2009 1467 4171 11780
2009-2010 1467 4171 11780
2010-2011 1467 4171 11780
2011-2012 1467 4171 11780
2012-2013 1467 4171 11780

Economic Survey Manipur 2015-16

Out - turn and value of Major and Minor Forest Products (Quantity
in '000 Cubic metres, Value in '000 rupees)

Item 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16
A-Major Products
(a) Timber
(i) Quantity
(ii) Value
(b) Firewood
(i) Quantity
(ii) Value
B- Minor Products (Value)
(i)Bamboo and Rattan
(ii)Sand, Stone & Earth

Statistical Handbook of Manipur 2017

Land Resources:
Land Types Available (In Hectare)

Built Up 7834
Kharif 168792
Net Sown Area 168792
Gross Crop 168792
Agriculture Plantation 420
Evergreen Forest 58664
Deciduous Forest 1094571
Degraded Area 260843
Marshy/ Swampy 29010
Lake Tank 10664
Shifting Cultivation 578529