Major industries in Meghalaya


Meghalaya is predominantly an agricultural state with an engagement of 80% of its total population on agriculture for their livelihood. Food grain production in Meghalaya is responsible for over 60 per cent of the total crop area. Major Agricultural produce in Meghalaya comprise maize, rice, lemon, pineapple, orange, litchi, banana, guava, jackfruits and temperate fruits such as pear, plum,peach etc. ginger, turmeric, potato, black pepper, tezpatta, areca nut, betel vine, short-staple cotton, jute, mesta, mustard and rapseed etc.

Agro-based Industries

Meghalaya has enormous potential for Agro-based industries The state cultivates substantial quantities of oranges, peaches, pineapples, pears, guavas, plums and bananas of superb variety. It also grows plenty of potatoes, tapioca, bay leaves, ginger, maize and jackfruit.

Meghalaya's turmeric, especially the variety that is cultivated in Shangpung in the Jaintia Hills, is often regarded as one of the best in the world and with a curcumine content of 7.5%.

Mineral based Industry

Meghalaya is a treasure house for a variety of minerals more specifically coal, limestone, granite, clay and other minerals. The state’s varied geology and a wide variety of minerals have huge industrial potential. In Meghalaya prominently coal deposits can be located in the southern slopes of the state. The total estimated reserve of coal is in the region of 640 million tonnes. The coal found in this region is of sub-bituminous type and can be put to use in diverse industries spanning from power, cement fertilizer, and textile to paper, brick burning, rubber, and also pottery based industries.

Limestone is another mineral that exists in a large-scale belt (approx. 200 Km. Long) along the Southern border of Meghalaya. The state has an inferred reserve of limestone amounts to 5,000 million tonnes.

Meghalaya is endowed with the fine quality of granites and most of which is presently mined in the East and West districts of Khasi hills. Different types of clay like Kaolin (China clay), white clay, and fireclay are scattered in various parts of Meghalaya. This clay is appropriate for use in ceramic, paper, rubber and refractory industries.

There also exist reserves of economically feasible minerals like gypsum, phosphorus, glass-sand, base metals, quartz and feldspar in different parts of Meghalaya. Meghalaya is the boast of having one of the most valuable sillimanite deposits in the world.


The climatic conditions of Meghalaya State, especially the areas near Shillong in East Khasi Hills District, are receptive to cut flower production. Factors like the proximity of Shillong to Guwahati and possibilities of the restart of the Umroi Airport near Barapani have cemented the required infrastructure support for marketing of Floriculture Products from the State.

The Recommended Project Profiles are:

a. Upper Shillong/Shillong
b. Barapani
c. Umiam


The geo-climatic conditions of Meghalaya are creating ideal scope for cultivating different types of horticultural crops in particular fruits, vegetables, spices, plantation crops medicinal and Aromatic plants of high economic values. A variety of tropical, subtropical and temperate fruits like Mandarin Pineapple, Orange, Lemon, Banana, Guava, Pear, and Plum etc. are grown the state. A comprehensive variety of vegetables including indigenous and exotic are cultivated in many places in the state.

The state produces vegetables including Potato and Cole crops during the rainy season as the high altitudinal place of the state furnish favourable opportunity to grow these crops. Other crops like Tuber and root crops such as Sweet Potato and Tapioca, Spice crops such as Turmeric, Ginger, Chilies, etc. grow plentifully in the state. Plantation crops such as Tea, Cashew nut, Coconut, Arecanut and Spice crops Black pepper are cultivated in Meghalaya and they have been showing good result.


Thrust areas-

(a) Nature Tourism (Flora & Fauna) – Meghalaya has an abundant scope for development chiefly of tourism related to wildlife in the State. Wildlife tourism resources like in Balpakram, Nokrek Biosphere reserve, Nongkhyllem and Nongdaju areas in West Khasi Hills, National parks and Game sanctuaries should be evolved together with the Forest Department and requisite facilities should be availed in such areas.

(b) Adventure Tourism- As Meghalaya is a home of many mountains and waterfalls the state can capitalize on adventure tourism activities like trekking, water sports, caving, hang gliding bungee-jumping, climbing etc and abseiling activities, mountain trekking, etc.

(c) Cultural and Socio-cultural Tourism (Fairs and Festivals) – There is a proposal to develop Cultural Centres in the major districts of East Khasi Hills,West Garo Hills and Jaintia Hills. Promotion of major fairs and festivals will also be implemented by the state Government in domestic and international markets.

Large & Medium Industries of Meghalaya:

Sl No Name & Address Product/ Industrial Activity
01. Mawlah Cherra Cement Factory, Cherrapunji, Dist: East Khasi Hills Portland Cement
02. Virgo Cement Ltd., Damas, East Garo Hills District do
03. Jaintia Cements Pvt. Ltd., Jaintia Hills District do
04. AMS Cements Pvt. Ltd., Mawpdang, East Khasi Hills District do
05. Bomber Cement  Pvt. Ltd., Barapani, Ri Bhoi District do
06. RKB Cements Pvt. Ltd Barapani, Ri Bhoi District do
07. Umiam Calcinates Pvt. Ltd., Barapani Industrial Area, Ri Bhoi District Lime
08. Marsyiem Lime Works, Umsning, Ri Bhoi District do
09. Meghalaya Lime & Minerals, Byrnihat, Ri Bhoi District do
10. Meghalaya Calcinates & Chemicals, Lumshnong, Jaintia Hills District do
11. Traiang Calcinates, Pynyrsla, East Khasi Hills Distrci do
12. Megha Minerals Ltd, Byrnihat, Ri Bhoi District Granite  Cutting and Polishing
13. Eastern Stone, Byrnihat, Ri Bhoi District do
14. Meghalaya Polycon Ltd, Byrnihat, Ri Bhoi District HDPE Storage Tank
15. Meghalaya Steel Concrete Products Pvt. Ltd, Byrnihat, Ri Bhoi District Pre Stress Cement Poles & Iron & Steel Fabricated Item
16. Meghalaya Cements Products, Happy Valley, Shillong, East Khasi Hills District Hume pipes
17. Hills Pipes Industry, Byrnihat, Ri Bhoi District  do
18. Meghalaya Pipes, Mendipathar, East Garo Hills District do
19. Cosmicraft, Byrnihat, Ri Bhoi Particles Board & Bamboo Ply
20. Jaintia Alloys, Byrnihat, Ri Bhoi District  Mini Steel Plant
21. Pawan Ispat, Byrnihat, Ri Bhoi District  do
22. Satyam Steels, Byrnihat, Ri Bhoi District  do
23. Ganapati Rolling Mills, Byrnihat, Ri Bhoi District  do
24. Sai Megha Pvt. Ltd, Byrnihat, Ri Bhoi District  do
25. Associated Beverages Pvt. Ltd., Byrnihat, Ri Bhoi District  Soft Drinks
26. KK Beverages, Byrnihat, Ri Bhoi District  Mineral Water
27. Aqua Associates Pvt. Ltd, Byrnihat, Ri Bhoi District  do
28. SB Industries, Byrnihat, Ri Bhoi District  Edible Oil
29. MEDC, Barapani, Ri Bhoi District Tantalum Capacitors
30. Meghalaya Watches Pvt. Ltd., Shillong, East Khasi Hills District Watch Assembling
31. Premier Roller Flour Mills, Barapani, Ri Bhoi District  Wheat Products 
32. Premier Bakery, Barapani, Ri Bhoi District  Bakery Products 
33. Premier Feed Mills, Barapani, Ri Bhoi District  Poultry and Cattle Feeds
34. Premier Hatchery, Barapani, Ri Bhoi District  Hatchery
35. Meghalaya Roller Flour Mills, Shillong, East Khasi Hills District Wheat Products
36. R.K.B. Industries, Industrial Estate, Shillong, East Khasi Hills District Refining slack wax, candle, mansion polish manufacturing


Total Number of Small Scale Industrial units

Year No. of S.S.I. Units Investment in Plant & Machinery (Rs. in Lakh) No. of Persons employed
2000-01 3803 3249.49 21416
2001-02 4070 5211.18 23052
2002-03 4341 4275.81 24332
2003-04 4664 5892.03 26237
2004-05 5132 6613.8 28894

Statistical Abstract Meghalaya 2006



Number of MSME Units, District wise in Meghalaya as on September,2015

District Number of
MSME Units
Investment in
Plant &
(in Cr.)
Number of
East Khasi Hills 5342 98 24283
West Khasi Hills 1616 10 6473
Jaintia Hills 1177 18.63 4408
West Garo Hills 894 22 4801
South Garo Hills 668 3.07 2602
East Garo Hills 815 3.4 3509
Ri Bhoi 608 130 5958
  11120 285 52034


Source: Report on MEGHALAYA STATE PROFILE, Government of India, Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Br.MSME Development Institute