CDPS is an independent research centre engaged in research and writings on issues in the fields of development and peace in India’s Northeast and the neighbourhood. It is a partner of COSATT (Consortium of South Asian Think Tanks).
China Watch
  Wasbir Hussain, December 2014
  Rani Pathak Das , October 2014
Special Report
  A Forecast by WASBIR HUSSAIN
Shared Rivers in South Asia: Challenges and Prospects in Lower Riparian States International Seminar, 16-17 March 2015
Special Report, January 2015
Point of view- THE CDPS COLUMN
India-Myanmar Relations: Changing Contours
The title may not be fancy but Ambassador Rajiv Bhatia’s book ..
Wasbir Hussain
November 2015
Tracing jihadi elements in Northeast India
Distinguished Fellows
  Mr. P. C. Haldar
Former Member, National Security Advisory Board
  Lt. Gen. A. S. Lamba
Former Vice Chief of
Army Staff
Peace Awarness Programme for Madrassa Students

Study for UNICEF India: Children in Conflit-hit regions


Challenges & Prospects in Lower Riparian States

edited by
Wasbir Hussain

Women's Participation in MGNREGA Work in Assam

A CDPS Analysis 2015

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 Research & Studies
Since June 2015, CDPS is engaged in a field based Study titled Tribal Women’s Rights in Northeast India: Access to Representation and Justice. The Study covers three states in the Northeast: Nagaland, Meghalaya and Assam. The Study will be complete by February 2016.
From January-August 2015, CDPS completed a field based Study on Monitoring Teacher and Students' Attendance at schools in four districts of Assam, namely, Jorhat, Darrang, Karimganj and Karbi Anglong. The Study has been commissioned by Axom Sarba Siksha Abhijan Mission.