Mizoram has one operational airport at Lengpui. Daily air connectivity is available through multiple air carriers.


The 84.25 km broad gauge railway line from Katakhal Junction to Bairabi railway stations, was completed on 21 March 2016 at a cost of 326.51 cr INR. An estimated 28 hectares (69 acres) of land is required for the construction of 51 kilometres (32 mi) long Bairabi-Sairang rail line. The Bairabi-Sairang rail link will require construction of 130 bridges, 23 tunnels and four stations namely Hortoki, Kawnpui, Mualkhang and Sairang. The cost of Construction from Bairabi to Sairang is estimated at 2384 Crores.


In 2007-08, total network of arterial road network in Mizoram is 5783.3 km which comprises of National Highways, State Highways, and district, town and village roads. The state is well connected through National Highways (NH)-44A, NH-54, NH-54A, NH-54B, NH-150 and NH-154 to neighbouring states. The key agencies that maintain roads in the state include the Public Works Department (PWD) and Pushpak (Border Roads Organisation). The Mizoram State Transport covers 22 routes of 3,806 km providing connectivity across the state.

Road Type Length (km)
National Highways 927.0
State Highways 698.9
District, town and village roads 4,198.4


Mizoram is developing waterway connectivity with the port of Akyab Sittwe in Myanmar along the Chhimtuipui River for enhancing trade opportunities.